Uncover with Norbert of Bricasard the secret of
St. James' Way

Norbert of Bricasard hides both a past and a secret. He must fulfill a mission, but he has lost his memory and is alone and wounded. Help him reach Santiago de Compostela, face the Dark Knight and live an epic adventure along the most magical route existing, St. Jame's Way, which pilgrims, nobles and commoners have walked and templar knights have guarded since centuries.

From Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, the journey hides adventures, stories and legends never before unveiled which happened along the villages and landscapes through which the Way passes by.

Discover the thrilling story within The Pilgrim's Codex. A journey full of surprises, challenges, dangers, dares and enigmatic travelling companions who will help you complete the Way.


Mejor juego cultural


Chapter 1: The pilgrim with no memory

The adventure begins! In the outskirts of Sant Jean Pied de Port, a hooded woman will reveal to a confused Norbert the secrets of a mysterious book which will guide him to Santiago de Compostela.

Look for the Pilgrim's Codex in Notre Dame in order to complete your mission and find your past. But first, you will have to find Fray Gregorio among all the friars.

Be careful while following the Way! Pyrenees are treacherous...

Chapter 2: Shadows on the Way

In Puente la Reina, the interested hospitality of the townspeople surprises Norbert, who distract him from his original mission.

Do not stop following your trail and meet the enigmatic knight of the black armour, who seems to be behind everything happening on the village.

Do not come to a halt! But first you will have to collect all the necessary objects for your pilgrimage and find the way to flee the village undetected...

Chapter 3: A pious man

On his way to Nájera, Norbert hears about Domingo García, a bridge and hospital builder which make the Way easier to pilgrims.

You must reach Villa de la Calzada to aid Domingo in the construction of the new hospital. But loitering is easy in the paths of La Rioja, specially if your companion enjoys good wine!

There, you are going to witness an injustice. Your abilities and sagacity can save an innocent's live...

Chapter 4: Friends and foes

A lost Norberto is guided in Castilian lands by the stars which mark Saint Jame´s Way in the middle of the night.

You must reach Burgos to assist in the construction of its cathedral. Nevertheless, roads are dangerous. You must keep an eye on bandits who may try to steal your belongings.

You will find during the Way new friends who will lend you a hand, but also enemies which the Dark Knight will use against you. Search for the Templar Knights!

Chapter 5: Warrior monks

In the lands of León, Norbert meets the Knights of the Temple, warrior monks that serve as guardians of the Way and watch over the pilgrims.

Along with that encounter, you’ll also have to face thieves and bandits and defeat them in battle while keeping the Way clear for the rest of the pilgrims.

In Ponferrada, you’ll play a decisive role defending the castle of the Order of the Temple. Learn how to use the catapult, since that skill will determine the outcome of this adventure!

Chapter 6: Revealed secrets

Norbert finally sets foot on Galician lands. The end of his journey and his mission are near, but there are still challenges and dangers he must overcome.

Every question that appeared throughout this adventure will meet its final answer. However, you’ll need to brandish your sword once more to take them from the hands of the Dark Knight, who’ll try to stop you from reaching Santiago.

There you’ll meet with characters that were left behind. And when you finally fulfill your mission in front of the tomb of the Apostle, you’ll find the end of this mystery is just the beginning of another one!

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